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i live and breathe for the marvel ladies. the ships fitzsimmons, mikikta, everlark and buckynat are so important to me.


Leo Fitz Week » Day Two: Favourite OutFitz

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natasha romanoff + warm colors
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AU: Thor never fell from Asgard, but his and Jane’s paths were ever fated to entwine themselves. When Jane was seeking to understand the gravitational anomalies that had begun to frequent London, she stumbled upon a path to another dimension. It was there the Aether possessed her. Though, without help form Asgard she had a choice: learn to control the Aether or die. Jane chose the former.

She soon mastered the power of the Aether, though she inevitably answered it’s call to bring about the end of the universe she knew and loved. Asgard hears of her transgressions and sends their strongest asset to destroy her. The Berserker, Thor. He was volatile and unpredictable at best, but he was their only hope to stop the end of their realm in the way she had already destroyed two others.

When they meet in battle, Jane triumphs over the might of Thor, but rather than kill him, she sees how much of a valuable player he could be for her. Thor’s loyalty was easily won. He had never before been bested in battle, and Jane had done so with hardly bashing an eyelash. If nothing else, he respected those who could defeat even him in combat. With the aid of Thor, Jane sat on the throne of Asgard and watched over her kingdom that was now naught but dust. (credit tonystarks)

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kate bishop: i’m basically an avenger.

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Who was the most fun on set? The most fun, I would say Amy. Amy and I had a good laugh. We goofed around a lot when there was in between stuff and it wasn’t work.
Henry Cavill

Mankind has always feared what it doesn’t understand. 

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just finished editing my new theme and holy shit that was hard

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steve rogers in a tank top (♥‿♥ )